How to make the most from one bedroom apartments Birmingham Al

Living a large life in one bedroom apartments Birmingham Al isn’t impossible. It is just that you need to change your mindset. When it comes to smaller apartments, most people focus on space saving. Space saving along with style is possible. The only thing you need is thinking differently.

  • Separate the areas but not with walls- you might be given a 300 SQ feet room. You have to be creative to distinguish the area. At the farthest end set up the bedroom, then comes the living room and them finally the kitchen. Separate using curtains, different color wall paints and different looking flooring patterns and furniture. Allotting few SQ feet to each area makes it look big to the eyes. The space divider between the bedroom and the television unit is the best way to dedicate spaces.
  • Micro living solutions are being popular – usable duet furniture is common these days. Making bed into sofa and storage beds are the best way to save on space in the bedroom. Do not go for oversized furniture even if they are changeable.
  • Make unused spaces useful – change nooks and corners into useful spaces. Use places under the bed. Use the window sill as an effective space for reading books. Placing baskets over the refrigerator can be useful.
  • Saving the floor space and making use of the walls is the best technique in one bedroom apartments Birmingham Al. Having a hollow door frame can be used to save the books and few kitchen wares too.
  • Organization is the key to beautiful living in small apartments- the small apartment is victims of clutter. Having boxes, baskets, hangers are a must. Have designed ones to ask chic style to your home. Laundry baskets in the bathroom, jewelry baskets in the wardrobe save space and makes finding things easier.
  • Lighter colors have been useful to create a bigger image. If you want your house to look big, add lighter colors. However, some might be thing that it makes their house looks dull. They can add color my adding bright color linens or color furniture pieces.
  • De-clutter your apartments regularly- this makes the apartment look neat and organized, and the apartment also looks big.

Small ideas can do wonder to your small apartments. Living big in small apartments is therefore not a difficult decision.