Tallahassee Realtor Bert Pope’s Golden Rule for Real Estate: Etiquette

As a Realtor, etiquette is important because it shows that the representative is willing to participate in the transaction and not be arrogant about the property. "As for the buyer and seller, having etiquette is imperative because it makes the transaction much smoother," said Broker Bert Pope, founder and owner of Bert Pope & Associates LLC, who recently closed on two of the largest homes in Tallahassee : 6089 Leigh Read and 9279 White Blossom.

To highlight why etiquette is essential in real-estate transactions, Pope, known as "that guy" that offers the most incredible homes and host of the highly acclaimed "Extraordinary Homes of Tallahassee" on NBC TV 40, lists the following three tips:

No. 1: Make the home as presentable as possible. When buyers see that the seller made a good effort in making the home presentable, it shows their willingness in the selling process, instead of having an attitude of "If you like it, you like it; if you don’t, you don’t." "It’s like dressing up for a dance — you wear your finest clothes and not just whatever you want to throw on," said Pope. "You want the other person to like you."

No. 2: Abide by the Golden Rule. "Treat others as you want to be treated. Everyone is different," noted Pope. "Etiquette is working together to get where you want to go."

No. 3: Always be polite. "People can take it very personally when it comes to negotiations. You need to make sure that you are careful with your words and are polite," concluded Pope. "Be understanding and communicate openly. Never let emotions bubble up. That is why etiquette is so important with communication; it shows good manners. It’s all about accommodating as much as you can accommodate."

About Bert Pope, Bert Pope & Associates LLC

Bert Pope has been in real estate for over 28 years. He specializes in Tallahassee luxury homes and estates and North Florida plantations, and has had a multi-million-dollar luxury property highlighted in USA Today. Bert Pope & Associates works with buyers and sellers. For more information, please call (850) 933-2378, or visit http://www.bertpope.com.

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